Trembling With Fear – Payback Time

Hi Everyone!

Special thanks go out to Stephanie for featuring my drabble in this issue of Trembling With Fear. I hope you enjoy it. The link takes you to the issue, then scroll down to the story.

Here’s the drabble if you don’t want to use the link:

Payback Time

She leaned over his naked body handcuffed to the bed and made the first cut, whispering, “One.”

He screamed. “One? What are you talking about?”

She put her finger to his lips. “Hush.”

She’d kept track of his lies over the years, his infidelities. Now he was all hers and it was payback time.

She sliced him lightly, enjoying the blooding running over his chest. “Two.”

He screamed.

She loved the sound.

She cut him more and more until his screams turned to tears, “Please, no more.”

She kissed his trembling lips, “I’ve only just begun.”

And cut him again.


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