The Wordsmith Chronicles – A Day at the Stone Arch Bridge


The last few days have been challenging dealing with the loss of a friend poet Jay Mehta. At least I’ve been able to help support his family. That has felt good.

Life goes on, and today I was reminded of that when this acceptance letter arrived in my inbox. I never do things like this, but I thought I’d share it with you:

Dear Jim,

Congratulations, your story “A Day at the Stone Arch Bridge” has been accepted for inclusion in The Wordsmith Chronicles. Your story was a true pleasure to read and nailed exactly what we were looking for both in the quality of the writing and in presenting a fully developed main character who is a writer.

I wrote Steve back and thanked him. Here’s his reply:

Hi Jim,

I loved your story from the get-go as did Kerri when she read it. It is another example of your ability to pour heart and soul into a story. You are a very unique writer and it is an honor to know you.

Warmest Regards,


I’m incredibly touched and honored. What a wonderful way to begin the week!

Thanks to everyone for reading my stories and supporting my writing. You all are fantastic!!

Published by Jim Bates

Here are Jim's publications: Resilience, a collection of twenty-seven short stories, was published through Bridge House Publishing in February of 2021. Periodic Stories, a collection of thirty-one stories, was published in March of 2021 by Impspired. Periodic Stories Volume Two, a collection of twenty-six stories, was published in July 2021 by Impspired. Short Stuff, a collection of thirty-two flash fiction and drabbles, was published July 2021, through Chapeltown Books. Something Better, a dystopian adventure novella, was published in July 2021, by Dark Myth Publications. Dreamers, a collection of thirty-six short stories was published in March 2022, by Clarendon House Publishing. Periodic Stories Volume Three - A Novel was published in May 2022, by Impspired. All of his publications are available on Amazon or through the respective publisher.

9 thoughts on “The Wordsmith Chronicles – A Day at the Stone Arch Bridge

  1. I’m so sorry about the loss of your friend ❤️Hugs❤️ What wonderful letters to receive. Congratulations ❤️🥂🍾🍰

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  2. Hi Paula. Thank you so much. Jay Mehta was Priti J’s husband and she is heartbroken. I’m shedding a lot of tears these days, to be honest, for her and he adorable little daughter. Life goes on, though. I must remember that. Take care, my friend, and thanks for being a part of my life 🙂

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    1. Too many lives cut short these days, Jim. We must focus on the days given to us and enjoy them the best we can. ❤️ Keep safe. Thank you too. 💋

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