Was It Just My Imagination?

Hi everyone! Here’s link to my story, Was It Just My Imagination? It’s got a nice Halloween theme to it and I hope you enjoy it. I’ve also posted it below if you don’t want to use the link. https://cafelitcreativecafe.blogspot.com/2019/10/was-it-just-my-imagination.html I’ll never forget that Halloween when I was in fifth grade. The day started weirdContinue reading “Was It Just My Imagination?”

Wayfaring Warlock

Hi everyone! I thought I’d kick off Halloween week with this 100 word drabble. I hope you enjoy it. Wayfaring Warlock “You know you’re nuts?” his friend Dhani said. “Male witches don’t do this stuff.” Richard picked up his guitar case and said, “Yeah, well, I’m not like everyone else.” Tonight was Halloween and openContinue reading “Wayfaring Warlock”

At The Gravesite

A special shout out to Gill James at CafeLit for posting this story. She also runs Bridge House Publishing which is in the process of publishing my collection of 28 short stories. He’s the link to this story: https://cafelitcreativecafe.blogspot.com/…/the-gravesite.ht… I’ve also posted it below. Enjoy!! Ron finally lost it when the first shovel full ofContinue reading “At The Gravesite”

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