Bindweed Magazine – Patchouli Oil

Hi Everyone! I’m thrilled that my drabble Patchouli Oil is featured in Bindweed Magazine. Enjoy! Here’s the drabble if you don’t want to use the link: The stink of the diesel idling outside their apartment agitated the old man. His caregiver opened a vial of patchouli oil and wafted it under his nose. InstantlyContinue reading “Bindweed Magazine – Patchouli Oil”

Spillwords – Paradise

Hi Everyone! I’d like to give a special shout-out to Dagmara for featuring my story today. Thank you so much!! Here’s the story if you don’t want to use the link: Paradise My wife and I were sitting in the living room reading and taking frequents breaks to check our phones to see whatContinue reading “Spillwords – Paradise”

The World of Myth Magazine – Preparations Are Made

Hi Everyone! I’m thrilled that Steph Bardy and World of Myth Magazine has published episode #6, Preparations Are Made, in my SF series on the aftermath of global warming. They also published my drabble, Happy Valentine’s Day. Here’s the link: Here’s the story along with a recap: This ten part SF series has toContinue reading “The World of Myth Magazine – Preparations Are Made”

Academy of the Heart and Mind – Winter Sun

Hi Everyone! Many thanks to Thomas for publishing my poem today! Here’s the poem if you don’t want to use the link: Winter Sun The boy loved the icy winter, And playing in the snow, Sledding and building snowmen, Snowballs for him to throw. One day he awoke quite ill, Confined there to hisContinue reading “Academy of the Heart and Mind – Winter Sun”

Inner Circle Writer’s Group Magazine – 5 Spring Haiku

Hi Everyone! I have 5 haiku in the latest issue of the Inner Circle Writers’ Group Magazine. It can be purchased via this link and downloaded: The haiku are listed here: Lullaby Woodland stream babbling Bubbling and trickling with joy Nature’s lullaby. Resting Beneath the tree-tops A  lush carpet of soft ferns Beckons oneContinue reading “Inner Circle Writer’s Group Magazine – 5 Spring Haiku”

CafeLit – Prairie Wind

Special thanks to Gill James for featuring my story today! Here it is if you don’t want to use the link: Prairie Wind Traveling from the East he came upon a tiny graveyard. It’d been nearly six hundred miles driving and, as he coasted to a stop outside the gate and turned off theContinue reading “CafeLit – Prairie Wind”

Terror House Magazine – Arasu

Hi Everyone! Thank you to Matt for featuring my story today. Please note that this is brutal subject matter. Here’s the link: Arasu Here’s the story if you don’t want to use the link: Arasu Allie listened with disgust as the door to her tiny bedroom groaned open. She turned to face the wall tryingContinue reading “Terror House Magazine – Arasu”

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