Nail Polish Stories – Plum Passion

Greetings! Thank you Nicole for publishing my 25 word story this month. Here’s the link to her site: Here’s the story if you don’t want to use the link: Plum Passion by James Bates Six feet apart in line our eyes met, twinkling. “I like your face covering,” she said. “Yours, too,” I replied.Continue reading “Nail Polish Stories – Plum Passion”

The Academy of the Heart and Mind – Unerring Simplicity

Greetings! Many thank go out to Thomas for featuring my poem today!–c99xj5APjFq9WV0QG4 Here’s the poem if you don’t want to use the link: Unerring Simplicity Life and death, Wrapping around, Pushing and pulling daily, Bring a clarity not seen before. Memory keeps those lost to us alive in our hearts, And joy lifts theContinue reading “The Academy of the Heart and Mind – Unerring Simplicity”

Djinn World – The Magic of Butterflies

Greetings! Many thanks go out to Umair for featuring my story today! The Magic of Butterflies – Jim Bates Here’s the story if you don’t want to use the link: The Magic of Butterflies In the instant before Annie passed away, her Fairy God Mother came to her and held her hand. In the instantContinue reading “Djinn World – The Magic of Butterflies”

CafeLit – Soup Duty

Greetings! Special thanks go out to Gill James for featuring my story today!! Here’s the story if you don’t want to use the link: Soup Duty Granny set a steaming plate of pancakes in front of me and said, “Jack, I need your help later this morning. We’ve got to go to the church.”Continue reading “CafeLit – Soup Duty”

Flash Fiction Magazine – Music On the Wind

Greetings! I’m excited to share my story, “Music On the Wind”, featured today in Flash Fiction Magazine. I hope you enjoy it!! Here’s the story if you don’t want to use the link: Music On The Wind George and Ida Ferguson, my great grandparents, were second generation cattle ranchers in eastern Montana. Mom keptContinue reading “Flash Fiction Magazine – Music On the Wind”

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